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Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

UNCLE TETSU CHEESECAKE, the awesome taste from Japan is prepared and baked fresh daily, premium and imported ingredient is selected on preparing the batter, and steam baked it to perfection. Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake comes with tantalizing aroma, cotton soft & fluffiness texture! Enjoy the cake fresh from the oven to experience best Uncle Tetsu memories.

Uncle Tetsu Cheese Zuccotto (Hat Series)

UNCLE TETSU CHEESE ZUCCOTTO, or the nickname Hat Series, is a mouth watering dessert that baked in a round bowl mold, this adorable shape was inspired by the amazing dome of Duomo di Firenze, Italy and also the skull cap worn by the Italian clerics. 

UNCLE TETSU CHEESE ZUCCOTTO is a combination of premium cheese from Australia and New Zealand, our pâtissier bake every single piece of Zuccotto with greatest love and enthusiasm, each bite of UNCLE TETSU CHEESE ZUCCOTTO are full of rich, frothy, creamy texture, let’s fall in love with the premium dessert that melts your heart. 

Uncle Tetsu Cheesestick

Cheese have never been this crispy before knowing UNCLE TETSU CHEESESTICK, baking them required additional accuracy and care, each uniformly sliced Cheesestick is bake with 120°C for a duration of 2 hours, we flipped the cheese stick over and over during the baking process to achieve perfect crisp on every sides of the Cheesestick. To produce the highest quality snacks, we spent a total of 3 hours in making each batch of UNCLE TETSU CHEESESTICK, Grab one and crunch them now, taste the crispy and bubbly UNCLE TETSU CHEESESTICK.